Thank you for taking an interest in Labo World. We look forward to bringing joy to your world by helping you achieve your goals. Our mission is to provide the best solution that helps people, organisations and communities to grow.


A lot of people and organisations (big or small) have wonderful ideas/goals/objectives that just never get implemented for various reasons. Some of the reasons I have noted in my experience engaging in over 120 projects, is that 1) people don’t know where to start with developing their ideas or objectives into projects, they fear failure, they feel overwhelmed 2) once they have decided on a project, they don’t know what steps to take or they encounter issues and they get stuck, 3) they start a project but make a lot of mistakes along the way and that wastes time, that causes frustration for the whole team and wreaks havoc on their budget. Some of the common mistakes include oversight like not bringing in the right stakeholders into the project timeously or not communicating effectively. Projects have the power to transform communities. There is so much good that can be achieved on this planet if people apply the right project management principles. This is where we as Labo World come in. We use our expertise in business and project management to handhold our clients as they execute on their dreams so they can save time and avoid unnecessary mistakes, thus relieving them of stress.


We are a group of experienced project management professionals and management consultants who are experts in successful business transformation. Our professionals have a demonstrated history of working in various industries including FMCG, Insurance, Banking, Communications, Technology, Mergers and Acquisitions, Pharmaceutical, Direct Sales, Food, and Cosmetics.

We are skilled in leadership, business process engineering, value chain analysis, coaching, innovation, design thinking and management. We have strong performance driven professionals with a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Our company is constantly evolving and growing. Please check out our services section.


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